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Admission to Primary School - Children will be offered a school place on 16th April 2014.


Lower Phase Leader and KS2 Teacher Vacancies for September - Visit our Vacancies Page



 Are you interested in shaping the school's future?  Are you a parent or carer of a child at Kingfisher?  If so, then you may be interested in coming along to one of our regular informal Parent Forums.  The dates are:  Term 5- Tuesday 13th May from 2.00pm to 3.15pm and Term 6- Tuesday 1st July from 2.00pm to 3.15pm.  The Forums are held in the school and refreshments are provided.Topics vary from what the children are learning, to home work, behaviour, trips, clubs and other activities, as well as other aspects such as supporting pupils with special educational needs. 
More information about the agenda will be sent out nearer the time. 
In Term 4, children at Kingfisher will begin their new learning topics. Here is a brief overview of each topic split into the different year groups:
 Foundation Stage are learning about snow and ice as well as about Dinosaurs 
 Year 1 are learning about 'Jungles'- 'What on earth is that noise?'
Year 2 are learning about 'Food'- 'Why do we cook certain foods?'
Year 3 are learning about 'Heroes and Villains'- 'Who is your hero?'
Year 4 are learning about 'The Egyptians'-  'Why were the pyramids built in Egypt?'
Year 5 are learning about 'The Ancient Greeks'- 'What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?'
Year 6 are learning about 'a less Economically Developed Locality'- 'How might my life be different if I had been born somewhere else?'
Each learning topic is based around an enquiry question, which the children seek to answer during their topic lessons.  The children are encouraged to use their literacy skills to help them learn about their topic work.  This involves reading about the topic they are studying, both in books and on screen, engaging in a variety of different activities to develop their speaking and listening skills, as well as developing their writing skills in a variety of ways.
Mr Rob Veale- Headteacher of Kingfisher Primary School
Mr Rob Veale- Headteacher of Kingfisher Primary School
At Kingfisher we pride ourselves on encouraging children to enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment. Kingfisher is a place where new activities can be attempted without fear of failure and where ambition is encouraged. In this supportive environment every pupil is able to fulfil their potential.

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